Working with Cloud CM


General Contracting/Construction Services:

Our company licensure, insurance, credentials and qualifications remain updated and ready for submission in response to client vetting practices when considering a new relationship with Cloud CM. Upon acceptance and an invitation to bid, our preconstruction team is available to provide early-stage concept budgets to meet the demands of the site selection, test fit and design development processes. We also have expeditor resources to assist with the local permitting process as the need arises. For permitted projects that are ready for contractor bidding and award, we appreciate a minimum of 2 weeks and, ideally, 3 weeks to submit a detailed proposal. It is customary for scoping and qualification dialogues to ensue prior to award. Upon award, our team can quickly compile and submit a contract for review and signature. Or, where standard client contracts are desired, we are able to quickly review and arrive at a final version in response to the desired start date.

Construction Management, Fee Development and Consulting Services:

Our client and project onboarding processes are some of the more important activities that contribute to the overall success of the relationship. This is where time, budget and deliverable expectations are communicated and established by both parties. Internally, the managing partner of Cloud CM takes a personal and hands on approach in setting up each new client relationship.

After general project requirements are understood through an introductory meeting, Cloud CM can quickly provide a fee proposal for services which comes from one of the following structures:

  1. Percentage of total development costs.
  2. Negotiated fixed sum fee based on project length of time, difficulty and range.
  3. Normalized, monthly fee for the length of time of the project from beginning through close out.
  4. Hourly rate for limited or special assignments.

Assuming sufficient information is given, a fee proposal can be turned around within 3 business days. Upon client acceptance, the managing partner assigns a specific construction manager to the relationship who is initially introduced and confirmed by the client. This is followed by an extensive, internal onboarding process led by the managing partner. Proximity of the project location to the construction manager is analyzed to address response time, travel logistics and expenses. The construction manager becomes the primary client point of contact with additional layers of administrative support occurring internally.

The managing partner remains in close contact with each project and client relationship through regularly scheduled touch points. The health of the construction manager relationship is managed confidentially through a monthly “thermometer” email sent directly to the client where responses are sent to the managing partner of Cloud CM.